Signing in to PSN on Your PS3 After 4.89 Update


Today, Sony released a new update for the PS3, version 4.89, which removes PSN account creation from the console, as well as changing the way the account login works on the console. Alongside this is a new update for the PS Vita, version 4.74, which does the same to Sony’s unloved handheld.

What This Means For You

Logging in to PSN now requires a device password to be set up. If you don’t have one, you’ll see something like the screen below.

login message
Unable to login without a device password

To set one up, you’ll need to head to the URL given in the message, or click here.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be sent to the following page.

create password
Device password generation page

Click ‘Generate New Password’ to generate a password for your console.

device password
Generated device password

The random string is the password for your device. You need to use this password, not your account password, to sign in on your PS3.

If you click ‘Done’, you’ll now see the password has been added to your account.

password list
Device password has been added to the account

You can also revoke devices that you no longer have. Annoyingly, my password is still showing ‘Unused’, despite being used on my console. It doesn’t matter though, the console still signs in correctly.

The process for the PS Vita is the same.

Video Guide

If you’d rather see this process in action, we have a video to guide you through.

Check out our video guide

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