Raspberry Pi TV Bracket Mount


January 29, 2022

3d print mount raspberry pi

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I wanted to tuck my Raspberry Pi out of the way, behind my TV, while retaining easy access should I need to change the SD card. The flared edges of the wall mounted TV bracket seemed like the perfect place to hang the Pi, without the need for any screws.

To this end, I have designed a Pi TV bracket mount, which slots over the TV bracket, with the Pi mounted horizontally below.

Fancy render of the single version of the bracket.

It’s a very simple design, featuring the standard screw layout used on all full sized Pi’s other than the very first model. This design is also compatible with any of the clone boards which use the same screw layout.

Printed bracket, with Pi 4 attached.

The mounting holes require 2.5mm screws, and feature an open rear to allow more flexibility with the length of screws used.

3mm screws could potentially be used, but bare in mind the mounting holes on the Pi are not designed for screws of this size.

The Pi hangs vertically, which allows heat from the SoC to rise away from the board, with nothing above the Pi blocking the airflow. The rear is also largely open, further aiding in passively cooling the board.


There are two main versions of this bracket – the standard design, and one with increased clearance. The standard design is fine for a USB C cable, but it’s a tight fit if you need HDMI. The extended version adds an extra 2cm of clearance between the clips and the Pi, providing extra room for cable routing.

It is also possible to add washers under the Pi, to allow thicker cables to connect using the standard version of the mount.

Using standoffs would potentially allow Pi’s to be stacked on top of one another, though this has not been tested.

Also included is a version which can mount 2 Pi’s on the same bracket, offset vertically from one another.

Pi TV mount double bracket render
Fancy render of the double version of the bracket.

Fancy render of the double version of the bracket.

The designs are also compatible with other boards using the Pi footprint.

How Do I Get One?

Interested in making one yourself? Grab the files from Github.

It is advisable to double check the design of your TV bracket before printing, to check that the slot is of a compatible size.

Included on Github is a test piece; this consists of a single hanger, which will allow you to test the size of the clips without having to print the entire part.

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