Fixing a Stuck ‘A’ Button on a PDP Xbox One Controller


May 6, 2022

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It seems that a common issue with the PDP Xbox One controller is a stuck ‘A’ button. This guide will show you how you can fix it, without spending a penny.

If you’d prefer, a video guide can be found here.

A quick look inside the controller highlights the problem – a poorly designed conductive button pad.

Inside the controller. Note the odd shape and loose fit of the pad for the A button.

As you can see, the shape of this part around the ‘A’ button is rather odd, with a cut-out section on the left-hand side.

Replacement parts for these controllers are impossible to come by, and there’s no chance a part from another controller will fit this one.

To fix this, we’re going to modify the pad.

Trim around the bottom of the pad used for the A button – it should look something like the image below.

Trimmed button pad
Trimmed button pad – note the new shape around the bottom.

You can test the button out with your hand. You should find that the pad doesn’t fully engage and stick, as it did before. That is, unless you apply a lot of force to the pad, which wouldn’t occur inside the controller.

The result will feel a little loose compared to the other buttons, but it’s still very much useable – which wasn’t the case when the button was stuck.

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