What is the EXT Port on the PS4 Controller Used For?


If you have a PS4 Dualshock 4 controller, you might be wondering what the curious port between the thumbsticks (labelled EXT) is used for. It wasn’t present on the PS3 controller, and has been removed in the PS5 Dualsense controller. This article will look at a few uses for the port, as well as explaining the pinout of the port.

Pinout of the EXT Port

Through research done by a user over on the Acidmods forums, it’s been found that the following signals are present through the EXT port.

  • 2x GND
  • 1x 5V input
  • SCL
  • SDA
  • 3.2V
  • Detect

You can find the source of this information in this post: https://acidmods.com/forum/index.php?topic=44569.0

This post also has a basic pinout diagram, should you wish to try and make a breakout board for yourself. Be sure to check out the Acidmods site, it’s a treasure trove of information for console modders.

Note that there are no USB data signals available on the EXT port, so a USB data connection (to pair the controller) is not available.

How to Use the EXT Port

The primary use of the EXT port is to charge the controller. If you have a charging dock, there’s a chance it uses the EXT port to supply power to the controller.

The power input provided by the port is separate from that of the micro USB port, meaning it might be possible to use this charging port even if charging no longer works through the micro USB.

Update: We’ve created a small adaptor board which allows you to use the EXT port to charge a controller using a USB type C cable. This is compatible with smart chargers, and is a good option if you don’t want to mod the controller directly using the internal USB type C mod. You can find more information through our blog post, and see the board in action on our YouTube channel. We also occasionally have these boards for sale through or Ko-Fi store – be sure to check it out!

In addition, the port can be used to add additional buttons to the controller. Sony released an addon, which adds buttons to the rear of the controller. Third party alternatives are also available, which perform a similar function.

You can also purchase a keyboard addon, which would be useful for typing chat messages to friends while playing online.

It’s not the most useful port, but there are addons available which make use of the port if you know what to look for. Be sure to check out the article where we cover our charging board for the controller, which makes use of the EXT port.

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