Dualshock 4 EXT Port Charger


June 28, 2022

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Charging docks are a common accessory for PS4 controllers. While some use the standard micro USB port for charging, many of them make use of the EXT port, found next to the headphone jack.

I’ve created a small board, which makes use of the ability to charge the controller through this port.

Charging through this port is a great way to add a USB C port to your controller, without having to open the controller up or make any modifications to the controller shell.

In addition, it’s good for diagnosing damaged internal micro USB ports, by providing a second point through which to try to charge a controller.

If you’re interested, you can pick up an assembled board here.

Board Design

The board can take either a micro USB port, or if you’d prefer, a USB C port. Footprints for both ports are included on the same board.

Top of the board
Top of the board.

A jumper is included on the bottom of the board, which needs be soldered to the correct pad for the port you’re using.

Bottom of the board
Bottom of the board.

USB C needs to bridge the centre pad with the left-hand pad (labelled C), while micro USB makes use of the right-hand pad (labelled M).

If you’re using a USB C port, you might want to charge the controller using a smart charger. If so, you’ll want to populate the two resistors with 5.1k 0603 parts.

Completed Board

Here’s an example of a completed board, with a USB C port fitted.

Top of the populated board
Top of the populated board.

In this case, the resistors are not fitted as it’s not used with a smart charger.

Bottom of the populated board
Bottom of the populated board.

As a USB C port is used, the jumper is soldered on the right-hand side.

Plug the board into the EXT port, with the USB port facing upwards. The board has a snug friction fit into the port.

Board plugged in
Board plugged in, and charging a controller.

The controller will charge in the same way it would charge when using the built in micro USB port.

Where to Get One

I currently one of these boards for sale here: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/266083350272

If you want to make one of these for yourself, you can find both the Gerber files, and KiCAD files, over on GitHub. The files are available here.

You should be able use the .zip file listed under ‘Releases’, and upload it to your PCB manufacturer of choice. I had these manufactured using OSH Park.

Due to the small size of the board, it’s not the easiest to solder the port in place without getting solder on to other parts of the board. Adding kapton tape to cover surrounding solder pads (particularly those that slot into the EXT port) is recommended.

See it in Action

If you want to see the board in action, check out our video:

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