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Here at Qubits & Bytes, we’re passionate about all things tech, and aim to bring to you a mix of tutorials, reviews and and other interesting tech content.

Started in 2016, the site is now into its 7th year, and has grown organically over this time period.

Even in this relatively short time frame, we’ve seen huge shifts in technology. Back when we started, cryptocurrencies were a niche that few people had heard of, NFTs had yet to exist, and clouds were still those fluffy things in the sky. The shift towards SaaS and cloud hosting has dramatically altered the computing landscape, and we’re bringing you along for the ride.

Alongside our main content, you’ll find our blog, where we delve into the unexpected. In fact, some of our most popular articles are those blog posts where we’re trying out something new, breathing new life into older hardware, or solving issues in innovative in ways.

Why Qubits & Bytes?

A bit is the smallest unit of data storage, comprised of either a single 1 or 0. They form the basis of all things tech, providing the memory for our electronic devices.

A qubit is the quantum equivalent of a bit. Quantum computing promises to revolutionise the computing landscape, shattering our perceptions of what is possible with computer hardware. With our penchant for tinkering and making devices do the unexpected, qubit seemed like the perfect basis for our name.

Qubits Tech

Alongside this site, we also have a YouTube channel called ‘Qubits Tech’. Here, you’ll find content complementary to the site, including teardowns and repair videos. You can find our channel here.

We hope you find the content of this site useful – don’t forget to leave a comment and share our posts if you do!


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