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Explaining the PlayStation ‘CBOMB’ Issue

And why you should care.

Unlocking A Xiaomi Bootloader

If you want to flash your Xiaomi phone, you’ll need to unlock the bootloader. It’s an easy process, provided you find the right tools.

Intro To Crypto: What Is A Cryptocurrency?

The first in a multi-part series, exploring the world of cryptocurrency.

Gotta Save ‘Em All: Pokémon FRAM Upgrade

Many old Pokemon cartridges have at some point experienced problems retaining save data. Replacing the battery usually fixes the problem, but only for as long as the new battery lasts. Let’s find out if there is a more permanent fix…

Upgrading an Original Dualshock 4

Isn’t it annoying when you have a limited edition item, which becomes obsolete when an upgrade is released?

Maybe we can have the best of both worlds…